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Why choose our oil and soap Production Company?

Zouila puts at your disposal its know-how and its high quality products to satisfy the most demanding among you you. With 70% share of the Tunisian market, Zouila is not a simple manufacturer of oils and natural soap.

Leader of the oil production market in Tunisia

The large production capacity of the company and its virtuosity have allowed it to position itself first in this market and Zouila has become a brand that is fully trusted in Tunisia.

What sets Zouila apart from other companies in the olive oil and natural soap production sector?

• Its production capacity
• Its reputation and history
• Responsiveness with the customer (suppliers and final customers)
• A massive, modernized traditional production


A production of soap that can compete on an international level

Zouila has been a specialist in the production of olive oil soap for decades. Aside from the great attention devoted to every detail, from the extraction process to the packaging process, Zouila soaps contain unique properties.
The soap made from olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. These properties are effective in the healing of several diseases such as psoriasis, cracking and seborrheic dermatitis.
It can also protect against skin cancer through the presence of antioxidants that help stop free radicals. These radicals cause damage to the body's cells, which can cause cancer.


The benefits of our olive oil soap for the skin

• Hydration of dry skin
• Reduce wrinkles and dark circles with daily use
• Helps to avoid cracking nails and cracked heels
• Hydration of chapped lips

Regarding our cleaning soaps, they are harmless on the skin unlike other products on the market, which damage the skin and make it dry.

A wide variety of products

Both packaged oils and olive oil soap, dispose of a wide range of products.

Soaps • Natural liquid body soap (several varieties)
• Rigid cosmetic soap (several varieties)
• Toilet soap (liquid and rigid)
• Liquid laundry (machine / hands) (natural, without dyes)
• Multi-purpose liquid soap
• Marseille's soap
• Olive pomace: dried and shattered ...

Oil • Pomace oil
• Olive oil
• Crude vegetable oil:
- Sunflower oil
- Colza oil
- Soya oil