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Experts in olive oil extraction

Specialist in olive oil extraction and soap manufacture, the ZOUILA Company has a long experience that has allowed it to position itself as a leader on the Agro-industrial market in Tunisia.
The main activities of the company are the production of olive oil, raw vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil. Soap production is spread over toilet soaps, household soaps and cosmetic soaps (liquid and hard).

Zouila in a few statistics

Zouila is a certified Tunisian company with 61 years of experience. It employs 170 people and holds 70% of the Tunisian market share.
Nevertheless, SMCSAI Zouila didn’t stop on the local market and has infiltrated the Russian market, of which it already holds a 3% share, knowing that this share is five times larger than the Tunisian market.
Today, Zouila has the required means and staff to produce 6000 tons of olive pomace oil and 75000 tons of olive pomace per year. The refining capacity is 90 tons per day. This is mainly due to the investment made by the company in high quality equipment and the production units required for its different activities.

The oil and soap production specialist in constant evolution

Thanks to our experienced staff, our quality services and our investment in the olive processing industry, our company will keep evolving and position itself in the largest international markets. Our vision is to open new markets in other countries like China, Japan, the Gulf countries and Europe.