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History of the olive oil extraction leader

The Central Mutual Company of Industrial and Agricultural Services ZOUILA was created in 1893, by an Italian and five families from Mahdia, and became entirely Tunisian in 1956. Since this date, the company ZOUILA was sold to the farmers of the region and since then, it has become a Mutual.

Our evolution in a few dates

Since 1956, when SMCSAI Zouila changed its legal status to become a mutual, the company is in continuous evolution.

  • From 1965 to 1969: adaptation of a traditional oil mill
  • In 1970: installation of a mechanized automatic soap factory
  • In 1972: redevelopment of buildings aimed at the extraction hall and drier of olive oil
  • In 1978: start of a logistics service dedicated to cooperators and farmers
  • In 1984: installation of a refining unit
  • In 1990: implementation of a glycerin production unit
  • In 1993: setting up of a new metal construction workshop
  • In 1994: The Company dismisses its discharges of basic acids poured into the sea to respond to the local and national authorities requests concerning the protection of the environment. We then set up a purification and water treatment unit that will be responsible for the production of glycerin.
  • In 1996: renewal of the household soap unit (production capacity of 48 tons per day)
  • In 1999: set up of a new continuous chain for the crushing of olive oil
  • In 2000: renewal of the extraction unit, dryers and construction of a new premises
  • In 2008: change of premises and installation of a new oil refining unit.

The history of Zouila, its know-how and its large production capacity have made the company a giant in the field of olive oil and soap production.