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Olive oil extraction and soap making, our activity

The activity of the Zouila Company, developed for more than sixty years, is composed of a set of activities, themselves composed of sub-activities.

Zouila Activities

- Trituration of olives
- Olive oil extraction:
• Crude olive oil
• Shattered olive oil: pomace pulp / olive pomace stones
- Manufacture of soap (hard / liquid):
• Household soap
• Toilet soap
• Cosmetic soap
- Refining vegetable oil
- Provision of services


Professionals of olive oil extraction, our services

Zouila offers its customers quality services thanks to his high technological equipment and the know-how of its highly qualified and experienced staff.

Our main services:
• Refining oils: corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil
• Provision of agricultural services: treatment of olive oil, plowing
• Sale of agricultural equipment and products
The best products sold:
• The olive oil
• The olive oil soap

The Zouila Company always makes sure to offer the best to its customers and surpass itself every time. The company spends a lot of effort to keep the quality of its products and services and maintain a flawless customer relationship.

"The satisfaction of our customers has always been at the center of our concerns. We strive every day to earn their trust through our constant commitment and our determination to give it full satisfaction whatever the difficulties of the moment. "

Word from Council President Zouila, Al Wassit Ettounssi, December 2016